3D Technologies to help boost construction

Best Tech to Boost Your Construction Project

The latest technology in the construction industry is overwhelming. The tools considered futuristic some time ago have become a reality today including mobile apps, telematics, drones, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printed buildings and heavy equipment and utilized on the job sites around the world.

Let us take a crackdown at these below:

Software 3D rendering
Software 3D rendering


The most significant gift of technology is software. These online tools can take care of all the aspects of a construction business. Beginning from pre-construction, scheduling to project management and field reporting, it is essential to manage the back office. You will always find a software solution to your problems. Most of them are cloud-based, the tech helps in making any changes or other updates to the schedules, documents and management tools instantly providing improved coordination and communication.

The mobile technology facilitates transmission and data collection between the project managers and job site straightforward right in the back office. The cloud-based architectural drawing management software help the employees on the site to submit a request to information, work records, timecards, and other vital documents. It saves ample amount of time every year and organizes essential files automatically. You don’t need to move through the files for reports made in back date.

AI and Machine Learning

The construction companies are now utilizing data for making decisions, boosting productivity and job site safety and minimizing the dangers. The construction companies with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems can manage heaps of data amassed over the years to foretell the future outcomes of the projects. This helps in gaining an advantage while bidding and estimating the projects.

The Artificial Intelligence can also boost productivity by minimizing the time wasted on the construction site to revive materials, , and tools to carry out specific tasks. The workers can track the work with wearables and smartphones.

Robots and artificial intelligence are used to track real-time progress, improve productivity and data. The automated rovers and drones are facilitated with LiDAR for photography and high definition cameras to scan the construction site every day with precision. These are then examined to compare the 3D drawings, BIM models, estimates, construction schedule to check the quality of the activities done and also monitor the progress made.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality can be of great help in training to operate equipment and safety training. VR enables exposure to environments such as working at a height or in a confined or controlled environment. The VR simulators have been in use for training pilots, soldiers, and to train workers on all from excavators and cranes for performing masonry and welding work.

Augmented reality is a technology that can make the construction site safety for better. AR can be utilized in a variety of ways. A sufficiently detailed plan can be developed for training on heavy equipment with the help of real equipment.

Labor Shortages

Although the growth in the construction industry is strong, skilled labor is something worrisome. The demand is expected to grow. However, unskilled labor can benefit from the technology used on the job site.

Drones are utilized to inspect the job site, and recognize the possible risks every day. Also, they can be used to track workers all day long to ensure their safety. Drones are increasingly being used to click pictures and create models of job sites and keep everyone informed. Drones can take care of riskier jobs such as building inspections and bridge.

Robots can carry simple, repeated tasks with ease. When used, these can take care of the human tasks faster than humans and without taking breaks.

Aren’t these fantastic technology boons for boosting your construction project? Let us know your thoughts.