Field Test | Huawei Honor 6: Honorable yet Affordable

Huawei Honor 6
The crisp 5
The crisp 5″ Full HD screen is a pleasure to watch movies in

Media Quirks

The Honor 6 has a fairly good 5” display. Good contrast and wide viewing angles. Colors are bright and vivid with crisp details. It is good for photo viewing, games and watching movies.

Aside from the built-in 16gb storage, the Honor 6 has a MicroSD slot that can support up 64GB capacity. I added a 32 GB storage to fill it in with some music, photos and video though I noticed there were some quirks in how Honor 6 handles media on its external storage. I noticed video files are not readily seen or read by media players when on the external card. I had to transfer it to the phone to be read by the native video player or other media apps. When shooting burst mode by either the native Camera App or other apps like ProCapture it only works when it saves on the internal memory. I found out later that the Honor 6 doesn’t automatically format or add the external storage into the system unlike the other Android phones I used. To enable seamless use of the external memory it must be set as the “Default Location” at the Storage Settings. Then media files from the external memory would be read.

On transferring media from a computer to a phone Honor 6 has a HiSuite software for Windows OS. It can back up data, transfer files and even update software. Unfortunately they don’t have a software for MAC OS yet and I use the Android File Transfer for transferring media files.

The built-in speaker of the phone isn’t also the best I heard. Quite average that it’s better to just use a good headset. Couldn’t say the same with the included headset as well as it just delivered average sound.

The Phone Manager with storage scan and current processes
The Phone Manager with storage scan and current processes


The Honor 6 has a non-removable 3,100mAh battery. It definitely is more than generous for its price. At its first month of use I could use the phone up to two days without charging. This is with regular use of with sms, calls camera, games and occasional internet. But I did notice that when it has data connected either WiFi or cellular data app processes will drain battery fast when not monitored accordingly. From my experience when connected to WiFi battery drops so fast it wouldn’t last a whole day sometimes even up to 8–10 hours only. Apps like Google+ were the most resource hog and the phone would heat-up when left on its own. So the long battery life is really dependent on data use.

I do like the little alert they have that we are are notified 30 seconds before the phone totally shuts down. That’s a nice touch.

Weather App and a notification alert that the phone would be shutting down in 30 seconds
Weather App and a notification alert that the phone would be shutting down in 30 seconds


The Honor 6 may not look like a stunner of a phone with its plastic, dual glass construction and simplicity in design but its inside is a beast of a hardware comparable to high-end smartphones in the Php 20,000 up price range. If one is brave enough to try, play with the hardware, use the EMUI 3.0 you will feel the smoothness and freshness of interface. Personally its ease of use, above average camera and performance won me over. I didn’t write much about connectivity as I had no problems using its WiFi, bluetooth and the 3G/4G/LTE data. It more than kept me connected in travels but made my work efficient and social media presence stronger. With its price slashed down it is still a strong option if one is looking for a mid-range priced phone.

The Huawei Honor 6 is available at Lazada.

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Music with the Honor 6
Music with the Honor 6


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