Why You Should Use Flipbooks in Your Marketing Strategy

Online Flip Books

You’ve heard about the new animated content format, known as the flipbook, and you’re wondering how you can use this new flip-the-page in your own business marketing plan. First you can find out more about the flipbook at this site, and here are some of the best reasons why you should start using them.

User Engagement

There is something appealing about being able to flip pages as you browse through an online document. This is the hook you can use to get casual viewers converted into serious readers, and then into customers. Being able to simply turn from page to page can be a better experience than trying to navigate via a menu of interconnected links, keeping your readers focused on your content.

But if you think that’s the only appeal to the flipbook, that’s where you’re missing the additional benefits. The flipbook format is intended for multi-media, not just page turning. These documents can be built with integrated photos, video or audio files to create more of a display than a piece of stale black and white text. And of course, you can also use links within your document to lead your readers to further content, contact forms, or sales pages.

Embeddable content
Embeddable content


This is a very important reason why flipbooks are a must-have tool in your marketing toolbox, and it’s one most people don’t really think of. By using a flipbook, you can add your entire magazine or catalog to a page or post with just a cut-and-paste line of code.

Here is where a flipbook really excels over the usual PDF document, which is usually offered up as a download instead. People don’t want to wait for downloads anymore; they want to see your content immediately.

The key behind being embeddable is that your book or magazine is hosted on another server, and you are simply adding a bit of code to display it on whatever site you wish. This also means that you can make changes to the original, and the changes will be reflected immediately in all the locations that are showing off your file. That may save you a lot of work if you plan on putting out documents that may need frequent changes or updates.

It’s Easy

Trying to build your own PDF document can be a chore, so why not take a route that offers up handy point-and-click tools to create your presentation. Because the tools are flexible, they can be used to make magazines, catalogs, brochures, or even just impressive articles.

Just to Stand Out

All of these features have benefits of their own to help you boost your brand, but together they are simply a way to make your documents stand out by being different. The flipbook is new, and you can make yourself more remarkable by doing something that isn’t run-of-the-mill yet.

Most flipbook tools are free to try, so there is no risk to putting one together and seeing how it fits into your promotional plans.