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Whether you are aware of it or not, we are bombarded everyday by harmful radiation coming especially from our mobile devices. Imagine being inside a microwave and slowly being cooked alive without us knowing. While effects of radiation exposure (like Glioma, lower sperm count for males, pregnancy risk, memory loss, headache, fatigue and increase risk for Alzheimer disease to mention a few) are still heavily debated. There is no denying the studies supporting these effects are piling up. The growing concern of consumer product manufacturers are evident on the increasing number of Anti-Radiation products like Vest Tech. On the recent Digits Trading presentation of Cool Summer Tech Accessories, the Vest Tech items got my attention. I got a chance to try their Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset. The hallow tube construction of the headset are designed to cut radiation by 98% and still promises to deliver excellent sound quality.

What's included in the package
What’s included in the package

Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

Mobile phones headset increases radiation by 300% due to the metal wiring running close to the head. Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset uses a flexible silicon tube to transmit sound instead of wires as recommended by sites like and Center for Electrosmog Prevention as the easiest way to block radiation.

Design and Packaging

The Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset uses an eco-friendly recycled brown-cardboard packaging. Inside are 3 pairs of interchangeable silicon ear dubs, 1 booklet and the air tube headset. The headset itself has a funky design. There’s a bean-shaped sound driver connecting the hose tubes and the flat-cable. The sound driver has a noticeable protrusion when wearing it under the shirt. But it does need to be that size to be able to transmit sound effectively. The mic and control button are located below the driver. It comes with a detachable alligator clip to keep the headset on hold.

headset with magnets
headset with magnets

Comfort and Quality

I must say that I have never used an air tube type of headset before so this feels quite different at first. The hose tube does feel flexible and firm. And I do like that it doesn’t tangle easily. The fitted ear bud was not to my liking but good thing there are three extra pairs in different sizes that I can use. I used the medium one and it fitted well in my ears yet comfortable enough for long use. The headset also have small magnets on each end so it can be comfortably hooked on the neck.

Sound quality is quite a mixed back though. Since this uses an air tube, it feels like listening through a tunnel. The bass muffles out most of the sound so it isn’t as crisp as I liked. If you lean on heavy bass sounds though, this would be good. On voice calls, conversations are clear and the mic is sensitive enough to pick up my voice despite the distance below the driver. Just be careful not to pinch the tube as sound would be blocked.

The bean-shaped sound driver, alligator clip and mic/button control
The bean-shaped sound driver, alligator clip and mic/button control


I like that Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset seeks to address our radiation exposure by 98% less and VestTech has data to backup its claims. In terms of audio quality, I wouldn’t use it solely for listening to music especially if you’re an audiophile. As a headset for mobile devices, it works well for voice calls. So if your major concern is lessening radiation exposure, using Anti-radiation devices like this air tube headset is the right step forward but don’t expect crisp sound quality if you like to listen to music.

The Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset is available locally for Php 1,850 for the wired version and Php 3,950 for the bluetooth version. The headset comes in pink, blue, white and black colors. Available at DigitalWalker and Beyond the Box stores.

The wired Vest Anti-radiation Air Tube Headset
The wired Vest Anti-radiation Air Tube Headset

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