Current exhibit at Lopez Museum

The Lopez Museum | Articles of Disagreements Exhibit

Current exhibit at Lopez Museum
Current exhibit at Lopez Museum

It’s all about how the somewhat mundane and simple processes of life transforms into a work of art. Behind familiar art forms are writings and anecdotes on art history. The exhibit “Articles of Disagreements” unearths the rich Lopez Museum archives and showcases not only the artworks but the process – agreements and disagreements in relation to art. Among the featured artist on spotlight are Maria Cruz, Buen Calubayan and Nilo Illarde.

Maria Cruz work
Maria Cruz work

Obsession with Circles

It’s all about the bling and the dots. German-based artist Maria Cruz has a very interesting story behind her installation on the exhibit. An artwork originally commissioned to help out a community, it was a representation of the coins and the people who helped out in her cause to raise funds for a purpose. Maria has an interesting obsession with cicles and she hopes to produce artworks hopefully completing her target of a million cicles incorporated in her work.

A couple of Buen's many notebooks
A couple of Buen’s many notebooks

Employee 55

Ateneo Art Awardee Buen Calubayan looks into the everyday struggles and finds a different perspective to showcase his collective obsession to details as art. A room-full of notebooks, charts, papers, photos is like venturing into Buen’s mind. It’s amazing how his meticulousness can be organized like this. A very interesting project sparked by finding purpose on the little things we do everyday that we take for granted.

Nilo Ilarde's
Nilo Ilarde’s “Nesting White Cubes”

To Infinity

Nilo Illarde only has a couple of installations in the exhibit but both are captivating ones which really captured my interest. His “Nesting White Cubes” is somewhat a tribute to the now gone Magnet Gallery. Walls from this establishment was used on this stunning piece of work. The “There’s always a nail in the wall somewhere that can take a painting” where in two easels face together with a mirror mounted on them. Looking at the side we could see the infinite layers of reflection. Somehow depicting the endless possibilities of artworks and creativity. That there is always room for new art.

The Cafe of Letters
The Cafe of Letters

Lopez Museum and Cafe of Letters

The Articles of Disagreements exhibit also showcases some excellent pieces from some national artist like Hidalgo and Luna and esteemed artist like Zobel, Saguil, Chabet and more. Also of interest to me are the floor plans, articles of protest and even postcards.

There’s also this very interesting Cafe of Letters room. Aside from the free-flowing coffee and cozy ambiance, it’s a venue to share ideas and discuss art.

An exhibit display plan
An exhibit display plan

The Articles of Disagreements exhibit will run until December 20, 2014 at the Lopez Museum and Library. The museum is at the groundfloor of Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.
Museum Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, except holidays, 8am to 5pm.
Contact: Tina Modrigo at 631-2417



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