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Convenient 3-Step FPG Travel Insurance Online

Unless something happens to you, it is easy to take travel insurance for granted. For budget travelers, it’s looks like an unnecessary add-on. Right? I had been sick overseas and would have been easier if I had confined myself in a hospital. I also have a baggage item damaged on a flight. Even got some flight delays too. If I had travel insurance at those times, I could cover my hospital expense, claim for baggage damage and even get some meal allowance for delayed flights. Simple inconveniences like that are covered in travel insurance like FPG Travel Insurance.

Domestic and International travel insurance
Domestic and International travel insurance

FPG Travel Insurance Online

I’m no stranger to travel insurance as I get these coverage for personal trips and also to our participants for our Backpack Photography Tours. It’s a must for our clients that they are covered in any eventually that may happen during our tours. We had tried a couple of travel insurance companies already. There’s this long process that takes at least a day to get the policies. Send in the details, pay at the bank, a few emails, sign some papers and finally get the policy.

FPG Travel Insurance Online makes it convenient to get covered for travel in 3 easy steps at www.fpgtravel.com: 1) Enter trip details; 2) Choose a plan, travel insurance plans starts at Php 70 for domestic trips and US$ 8.00 for international travels; 3) Pay online (through VISA or Mastercard). Once done, the policies will be emailed instantly.

FPG Insurance Philippines

As a member of the Zuellig Group of Companies, FPG Insurance has been a major player in the insurance industry since it was established in 1958. A leader in motor insurance coverage, the company is making people aware of the convenience of getting FPG Travel Insurance coverage for domestic and international travel.

As a traveler, this is another good option for travel insurance. I have a couple of upcoming trips and would be using this one and will let you know how it turns out. I’m hoping no untoward incidents though. Have you tried FPG Travel Insurance? Let us know your experience.

For more information visit their site at www.fpgtravel.com

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