Less Shoe, More You : the ZEMgear Revolution

Zem Gear for Running and Training
Zem Gear for Running and Training

More and more are experiencing the Zone of Endless Motion. As Filipinos are becoming more adventurous and starting to adapt  an active lifestyle, ZEMgear is proud to offer a wide range of styles that are meant to cater to specific lifestyle demands.

ZEMgear is also proud to offer high performance footwear for rugged environments, activities on the beach and marine environments, high impact and water sports related activities, indoor to outdoor barefoot training, traveling, and a whole lot other endless possibilities.

Enjoy the benefits of minimal footwear by checking out ZEMgear at the following stores: R.O.X., GRIND, Mountain Hardwear, Duty Free, Le Grand Boutique,  select Planet Sports, Res|Toe|Run, Olympic Vilage, Royal Sport House and Bratpack.

About Zemgear

A USA based company started in 2010.

A trendsetter in the minimal footwear industry, ZEMgear creates Performance Protection for Bare Feet ™.  ZEMgear delivers footwear with maximum protection for men, women and children. ZEMs allow your feet to do what they were designed to do best in their natural, barefoot state. While wearing ZEMs you can spread, flex and articulate all parts of your foot, getting everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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