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Yoga for cyclist cover

1-Hour Yoga for Cyclist

Sharing my practice for those who enjoy cycling. This sequence is designed to target those areas which usually gets tight by extensive cycling. Expect to …
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45 Minutes Mobility Flow

Welcome to a 45-minute movement practice where we integrate yoga asanas with mobility and controlled articular rotations (CARs) exercises into a flow. A practice designed …
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Hips and Balancing Flow

1 Hour Hips and Balancing Vinyasa Flow

A juicy hip-opening sequence with a challenge on balance and a few heart-openers in the mix. https://youtu.be/pZE9J0xyRok Difficulty: Beginner to IntermediateIntensity: Level 1-2
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Core Flow

One Hour Core Flow

A fun Core-focused Vinyasa Flow exploring variations of Down Dog, boats and squats then play around with your baby grasshopper. Guaranteed to work on your …
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Upper Body Vinyasa

1-Hour Upper Body Focused Flow

Opening the shoulders, engaging the scapula, a few soothing back bends and heart openers in the mix. https://youtu.be/YLF5hIkpEg0 A Facebook recorded video from a live yoga class. Difficulty: …
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