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  • Common Birds in Urban Manila

    Common Birds in Urban Manila

    Just when I was really getting deep into birding and bird photography, COVID-19 pandemic happened. Suddenly we’re the ones locked up like a cage in our own houses looking out to the wild birds outside. Luckily, if you have a garden or a backyard that’s a luxury enough to enjoy the activity, but for others the window would suffice. Any which way, if you find yourself staring at the open sky or nearby trees, make sure to notice the common Birds in Urban Manila. Birding is an easy activity, one just need a set of eyes, ears to listen and time to observe.

  • The White’s Thrush of La Mesa Eco Park

    The White’s Thrush of La Mesa Eco Park

    Since the start of the year, my facebook timeline had been bombarded by photos of this scaly white bird found at the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City. It’s the White’s Thrush, my birding friends label. A fascinating migrant bird temporarily making the mini-forest of the park as its home. Last weekend, I finally got to personally encounter this global-traveling thrush when birding friends Allan, Czer, Romz and Edwin organized a sortie at the La Mesa Eco Park. I didn’t have a teaching schedule that day so I happily obliged.