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  • Dispatch | Romi Garduce’s Book Launch for Akyat!

    Dispatch | Romi Garduce’s Book Launch for Akyat!

    It was back in 2006 when I first met Romi Garduce when we did a feature on him after his climb to the 8000-meter high Mt Cho-Oyu. He was already making waves then to the mountaineering community for his announced attempt to climb Mt Everest, which at that time, no Filipino has ever done before. He was simple, unassuming and with the occasional witty remarks. Seven years later, after climbing the world’s 7 Summits including Mt Everest, being part of the TV Show Born to Be Wild and other slew of accomplishments, he still feels the same, unpretentious with some witty remarks here and there. Adding another glory to his cap is the launch of his book “Akyat! A Filipino’s Journey to the Seven Summits” (which means Climb! in English) which tells his story of his journey to the Seven Summits which includes the behind the scenes challenges he had to face.

  • Dispatch | The 24th Philippine Travel Mart Kicks Off

    Dispatch | The 24th Philippine Travel Mart Kicks Off

    Today, the Philippine Travel Mart, now on its record breaking 24th year kicks off. The trade show will run until the weekend, Sept 8, 2013 Sunday at the SMX Convention grounds, Mall of Asia. Went there earlier to see the 350 exhibitors and look for great deals. I especially liked connecting with some of the region’s tourism representatives, the hotels and most especially the airlines with their sweet deals. PAL, CEB, ZestAir/AirAsia, SkyJet, Seair and Skyjet are present with their respective booths. They got really good deals on flights not just on future flights but immediate ones as well. Do visit if you like deals on anything travel related.

  • Dispatch | Flight 001 Takes off at Shangri-la Mall East Wing

    Dispatch | Flight 001 Takes off at Shangri-la Mall East Wing

    How about a 747 fuselage-inspired interiors for a store where jet-setters and wanderers can find practical travel accessories to make one’s journey as comfortable as being at home? Check out the newly opened Flight 001 (pronounced as Flight One) concept store at Shangri-la’s Mall’s East Wing. A wonderful looking retro-designed store carrying their color coordinated and nifty organizing accessories and other handy items for the travel-bound individual.

  • Agricultural Photography: Life and Landscape Talk

    Agricultural Photography: Life and Landscape Talk

    It was a very interesting afternoon. Most of  my photography work mainly deals with Travel and Lifestyle but there are times it would cross to some agricultural subjects. Majority of Filipinos eat rice and it’s no secret we have a large farming industry here like the area sof Pampanga and Cordilleras. I was glad I was invited to talk about Agricultural Photography on the 9th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition at SM Megatrade Hall 2, at SM Megamall as it made me dig into my photo archives and look for works encompassing the theme and infuse them to my presentation. I knew I had limited time so I try to put in relevant concepts in my 1-hour discussion including the Q&A portion. The forum was a great venue for learning and sharing, I shared about photography, in return I learned a bit more about the agricultural industry.

  • Dispatch | “I Love Kusama” Exhibits Hallucination Manifestation of Yayoi Kusama

    Dispatch | “I Love Kusama” Exhibits Hallucination Manifestation of Yayoi Kusama

    Delve into a world where obsession of patterns and a world of dots hallucination materialize into a captivating art form. Suicidal in nature, Japanese artist and writer, Yayoi Kusama, is still alive and breathing at the age of 84 and still creates works of art that is vibrant, dynamic, sensual and remains relevant even at this time. “Art is my therapy!” She says, whenever she has suicidal thoughts, she would ask her “art” what she would do. A contemporary of Andy Warhol, Kusama led a fascinating life despite her bitter childhood, yet her work is exuberant that it even inspired designers from Louis Vuitton to create a line after her. For the first time in the Philippines, Ayala Museum presents Kusama’s works in “I Love Kusama” exhibit, an unraveling of more than 200 original art and commercial pieces from the private collection of Lito and Kim Camacho.

  • Dispatch | Crumpler Flagship Store Opens at Shangri-la Mall

    Dispatch | Crumpler Flagship Store Opens at Shangri-la Mall

    One of the most beloved bags and accessories brand, Crumpler, known for its bold and unique design while remaining functional and sturdy ,opens another flagship store to widen its reach for the discerning customers who “Know how to live!”. The Crumpler Concept Store at Shangri-la Mall’s new East Wing officially opens to the public. It’s not just an ordinary store as it’s their biggest one yet. I was simply amused by the interiors, designed by award winning architects Ryan Russel and Byron George. The store is spacious, with numerous straps hanging from the ceiling creating a stimulating pattern and the mirror on one side made it feel like the store was larger as it seems.