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Dispatch: A Lucky Streak?

Fiesta Casino Card Games
Fiesta Casino Card Games (Olympus E-PL1, 14-42mm, Pinhole)

So I had my hands on some card games this morning at the Fiesta Casino, Thunderbird Poro Point Resort. It was a clean, money-less familiarization card games of Baccarat and Blackjack. It was fun, especially when I find myself on a winning streak. Now I know how it feels why some people get addicted to this games. It’s either yo continue your wins or try to recover your loss in this game of chance. It was interesting that I hope my stack of chips were really worth something. So I’m home now after a 6 hour ride. But not is all well at home as I recieved some unfortunate news. I hope things turn out okay though.

Dispatch: A Sunny Day for a La Union Tour

Luna Watchtower
Luna Watchtower, La Union (Olympus E-PL1 9-18mm Zuiko)

The day was a lot kinder to us. It was bright and sunny that we were able to take golf carts around Thunderbird Resort Poro Point and go around La Union. There were lots of interesting spots in the area, like a couple of heritage sights, a beautiful botanical garden, a temple and an interesting halo-halo place. The afternoon as expected came with a downpour but we were happy enough to roam around.

Dispatch: Mangrove Morning Light

Mangrove Morning
Mangrove Morning Light (Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Olympus E-PL1, 9-18mm Zuiko)

I’m currently here on a tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We had a stunning morning at the mangrove beach fronting Microtel. We’ll be going around the area until Sunday. In the meantime Backpack Photography Lake Sebu Photo Tour is now open for registration. We only have 12 slots so interested participants should regsiter now.

Have a taste of Mango for your Travel Pleasures

Mango Magazine First Issue
Mango Magazine First Issue

Just when you thought the Travel Magazine industry in the Philippines couldn’t get any more crowded, here comes another travel magazine for you, Mango, More than Travel. The guys behind this new magazine on the shelves are no strangers to the travel industry. Eastgate Publication has been doing the Mabuhay Magazine, Philippine Airline’s Inflight Magazine for more than 20 years and has just decided to delve into the retail market. Doing inflight magazines is different since most of them are free unlike retail magazines where people have to shell out some money. Does Mango have enough taste to satisfy the retail travel magazine industry?

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Dispatch: Cool Cameron Highlands and back

Breathing in the morning air at Cameron Highlands
The author breathing in the morning air at Cameron Highlands

Yesterday we finaly checked out of Impiana in Kuala Lumpur which has been our home for the last 5 days. We missed it already. Ivan was on his way back to Manila then while we were on our way to Cameron Highlands but our guide Marie suggested we make a brief stop at the Batu Caves which she said every visitor in Kuala Lumpur should see. We obliged of course but we weren’t really dressed for a 272 stair case climb. Interesting place though.

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Dispatch: Chilling and Chillin’

The Snow World in Genting Highlands
The Snow World in Genting Highlands

Yesterday was a bit packed but extremely fun. Spending most of the day at the cool highlands of Genting. Amazing to have a huge theme park 1700 meters above sea level. An boy did we enjoy some rides. We even got to rub shoulders for a while with people from Sports Unlimited as they do their shoot there. An oh yeah, I get a kick that the Olympus E-3 can still function at the temperature of -4 degrees Centigrade.

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