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Down Dog App: Your Mobile Yoga Studio

Have you ever wanted to try yoga and feel somehow intimidated by the atmosphere inside a yoga studio? The good news is, there’s a mobile app that brings the studio yoga experience wherever you are. Down Dog is an IOS and Android yoga app that brings a studio-like Vinyasa yoga experience at the comfort of your own place. If you have a space for your yoga mat and a comfortable environment then fire up the app and begin your yoga journey.

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Traveloka App: Hotel Booking Made Easy

There are spontaneous moments when I need to book hotels while on the move. My laptop or desktop may not always be in reach so my smartphone would be the most convenient mode of booking while mobile. Admittedly, I’m a smartphone person and have used mobile apps heavily for booking hotels and even flights. This time, I tried the Traveloka App for booking a hostel in Makati. I know a lot of foreign backpackers and budget travelers who are looking for a good value accommodation in the heart of Makati.