Image Gallery for Forest and Climate Change Primer Up

I’ve been slowly rebuilding my galleries on my new photos page and prioritizing a lot of my works first as an opportunity to build a much decent portfolio of professional works. One project I really enjoyed working on before was the Primer on Forest and Climate Change in Nueva Vizcaya. Up now on the galleries are a few selected photos from the hundreds shot during that project. You can check the gallery here.

Save the Children Postcards and Gallery

I had the pleasure of working with the Philippine chapter of the worldwide NGO Save the Children a couple of years back but wasn’t able to post some details. We took several photos of schools and children where the organization had projects. What’s interesting about the work aside from interacting with the local communities is I had to shoot full Hi-res JPEGs since the client was strict about “untouched” photos and most of the children they would use for their materials need model releases from their parents. I’ve recently uploaded some of my selected photos from the hundreds I shot there. You can see them at the Save the Children Gallery.

My 15 Favorite Nokia N8 Images Gallery

As most mature photographers would say, “The Best Camera is the one you have”. This is more true now when Mobile Phone’s imaging capabilities are getting powerful and closer to replacing a common point and shoot cameras. I’ve had my Nokia N8 for more than half a year now and am very much impressed with its 12mp larger than usual camera sensors. As much as Nokia is currently having multiple personality disorders with their Operating System of choice, we can’t deny Nokia produces phones with mean hardware especially on the multimedia department. So here I’m sharing 15 of my favorite photographs taken with the Nokia N8.