My Top 20 Travel Apps for Android and IOS

Smartphones have definitely redefined the way people travel. Suddenly there are travel apps that help people plan, prepare and documents a trip. Being a tech geek and travel freak at the same time, I utilize these tools to add convenience whenever I travel. Here are some of my favorite travel apps that I use for both my Android and Apple IOS devices.

My niece playing the Juan Tamad Game App

Juan Tamad Game App, a Juan-derful Pinoy Folklore Digital Revival

Gotta hand it to the people at the local digital company TOOCH for coming up with a Apple IOS game based on a classic Philippine folklore. The Juan Tamad game is a puzzle game that hopes to introduce the classic character in a fun and interactive way to children. The game app is free at Apple iTunes Store so there’s no reason not to try it out. If you’re wondering how it goes, I made a run with the game also asked the kids to try it out.

iA Writer for iPad

iA Writer: Focus on Writing App

No settings. No formatting. No font choices. Everything stripped down to its bare essentials. That’s how wonderful iA Writer app is for me. In a world where a lot of software developers are packing features and customizations, going back to the basic and simplest way to write is refreshing. It feels like having an old typewriter where you just roll in a paper then start typing in on a blank screen and let the words flow.

Toshl Finance App

Tracking Travel Expenses with Toshl Finance

Budget conscious travellers like me meticulously list down expenses while traveling. Traditionally, I jot them down on a notebook by the end of the day. But I must admit, the advent of smartphones have changed my documenting habits. While I still do list them down occasionally, my process has become much easier since I started using Toshl Finance App.

Ironwulf Edition on both IOS (iPad) and Android (Xperia Active)

Ironwulf En Route Edition on Google Currents

Google Currents is an app developed by Google that’s designed to deliver a magazine-type experience while reading content on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Released late last year 2011 in the US, it only got available internationally last April 2012. If you’re an Apple IOS user, it’s easy to say it’s a competitor to FlipBoard, a neatly designed social media aggregator. Clearly and personally, I ┬áthink Flipboard wins in terms of aesthetics and reading experience as well as integration of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But Google Currents do have aces up its sleeve besides becoming a pre-installed app in all Android devices starting from the upcoming Android Jelly Bean (4.1).