Tne 41mp cameraphone Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 41MP Cameraphone Launched in the Philippines

No doubt Nokia has been in the forefront of camera phone hardware. I’ve had their N82 and N8 (which I’m still using) and recently they stunned the world with their groundbreaking Nokia 808 Pureview which had an impressive 41mp cameraphone. Now Nokia is again pushing the boundaries of camera phone technology with their latest Nokia Lumia 1020. During the launch night, they showcased the nifty camera interface of the Pro Camera App that can make camera usability idiot-proof, the impressive mechanical shutter slow speed functions, the low light capability all packaged in the sleek Windows Phone 8. Then the eye-popping Php 35,650 price tag (which comes with a free grip worth Php 4000) was announced.

The Nokia Lumia 720 Windows Phone 8

Gadget | Nokia Lumia 720 Review: A Stylish Mid-range Performer

With the entrance of IOS powered iPhone and numerous Android devices, Nokia’s Golden Age simply fell into slumber along with its old symbian platform. I was one of the Nokia fans before who have lauded their remarkable hardware but always in a quandary with their software that can’t seem to catch up. Yes, Nokia deserves a second chance when they partnered with Windows Phone. I wanted to see how Nokia is doing this time around and it was perfect timing I got the opportunity to try the Nokia Lumia 720 on their Test Drive Project. For 5 days I played around with this mid-range priced looker of a phone. Here’s my take on the Nokia Lumia 720 with highlights on key features I look for on a phone.