Published | Bicol and Palawan on the InFlight Traveller Oct-Nov Issue

I have worked with the Dornier/InFlight team for quite a while now and most of the time, the assignments had been really interesting much like the Cebu-Bohol “Escape Into the Wild” and the Laguna Lake Loop “Slice of Art” story. I like working mostly as a photographer with a team comprised of a writer and sometimes the art director as I’m more focused on shooting than interviewing for the story. For this five-day Bicol assignment with InFlight Traveller, I was with writer Monica de Leon and and Art Director Jocas See. We were accompanied by our guide, the Bicolano Man himself, Renato Jao. This assignment was pretty close to me as for the very long time (I think 10 years) I get to go back to my mom’s hometown which is Daraga, Albay. I used to spend summers here when I was a kid and I really like how the places has developed from what I remember. Also in this issue is a feature on one of my favorite resorts in Palawan, Qi Palawan. Check out the spreads below and hopefully you get a copy at the nearest bookstores like Fully Booked and National Bookstore.

InFlight Traveller | Escape Into the Wilds

InFlight Traveller May 2014

The guys at InFlight Traveller always seems to stretch and challenge my capabilities in capturing out of the ordinary stories. In my recent assignment, I had to document paddling adventures from kayaks or stand-up paddle boards. That means getting wet, risking my camera to the sea and hell we had to cross a couple of sea channels in one instance. Then there’s the thing about shooting fireflies in a full moon which proved quite tricky but hey it’s much better than shoot ghost stories which I did before with the. Couldn’t have done it without our awesome guide Buzzy Budlong of IslandBuzz Philippines. Feature is written by Oggie Ramos. The issue should hit the newsstands by now at your friendly neighbourhood bookstores. In the meantime, check out the spreads here.

CEB Smile | Siquijor’s Bewitching Spell Photos

Yes I miss Siquijor. It’s one of the first few islands I visited in the Visayas region and until now I yearn to go back and be enchanted again. For the meantime, check out some of my photos on the November 2013 issue of Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine inflight. Just looking at those photos makes me want to go back and see what has changed throughout the years.

Action Asia Magazine May-June 2013 Issue and Philippines Supplement

Check out the latest, Action Asia Magazine May-June 2013 issue, as the favorite magazine for the adventure travel and action sports lifestyle comes with a free Philippines supplement. The Philippines supplement features some stunning imagery to entice readers to visit the Philippines. It also features articles on outdoor activities and destinations just outside Manila, a gallery of fantastic underwater scenery, Chip Childers (who I had the pleasure working with a couple times before) have a story on selected beaches in the country and there’s the “Baywatching” article on kayaking El Nido’s Bacuit Bay. I was fortunate enough to be part of the supplement lending a few images to Gideon Lacso’s (the Pinoy Mountaineer) article “Halsema: Highway to adventure” which talks about the adventures to one of my favorite destinations, the Cordillera’s.

Camiguin on CEB Smile Magazine May 2013

Camiguin Trip Journal Opener

Just a sweet and short post for you guys. If ever you’re flying Cebu Pacific Air this month of May 2013, do check out the latest issue Smile Magazine. Got a couple of Camiguin shots there. The big one is the opener for the Trip Journal section. So don’t forget to check the front pocket of your seats when on board!

El Nido Retreats on the latest Seair InFlight April-May 2013

Seair InFlight El Nido Feature on the Magazine April-May 2013 Issue

If you are flying Seair/Tigerairways this month of April and July 2013,  get a Palawan overload in the latest Seair InFlight Magazine. Amongst the many Palawan  features in the issue, is my story and photos on “El Nido Retreats”, it covers some of the top resorts in El Nido like Pangulasian Island, Lagen Island, Dolarog Beach Resort, Cadlao Island Resort and EL Nido Overlooking. So check out the front pockets of your seats when you fly Seair/Tigerairways this month and next.