PacSafe's first flagship store

The World’s First Pacsafe Flagship Store Opens in Glorietta 5

I have been an avid PacSafe user ever since 2008. I have gone through a number of PacSafe products from the CarrySafe pouch, two generations of PacSafe Wallets (up to the RFID versions), Camera bags like the CamSafe Venture V12 Sling Bag and V16 Sling Pack and the handy CarrySafe 100 camera strap. It’s amazing to see how their Anti-Theft products has evolved in terms of functionality and design. Now I’m glad they are expanding and is more accessible by finally having their own flagship store at the ground floor of Glorietta 5 in Makati. A first also on the global scale for the brand.

Flight 001 Concept Store at Shangri-la Mall

Dispatch | Flight 001 Takes off at Shangri-la Mall East Wing

How about a 747 fuselage-inspired interiors for a store where jet-setters and wanderers can find practical travel accessories to make one’s journey as comfortable as being at home? Check out the newly opened Flight 001 (pronounced as Flight One) concept store at Shangri-la’s Mall’s East Wing. A wonderful looking retro-designed store carrying their color coordinated and nifty organizing accessories and other handy items for the travel-bound individual.

The newly opened Crumpler Store at Shangri-la Mall East Wing

Dispatch | Crumpler Flagship Store Opens at Shangri-la Mall

One of the most beloved bags and accessories brand, Crumpler, known for its bold and unique design while remaining functional and sturdy ,opens another flagship store to widen its reach for the discerning customers who “Know how to live!”. The Crumpler Concept Store at Shangri-la Mall’s new East Wing officially opens to the public. It’s not just an ordinary store as it’s their biggest one yet. I was simply amused by the interiors, designed by award winning architects Ryan Russel and Byron George. The store is spacious, with numerous straps hanging from the ceiling creating a stimulating pattern and the mirror on one side made it feel like the store was larger as it seems.