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  • Field Test | ZEMgear Terra Split-Toe Shoe Review

    Field Test | ZEMgear Terra Split-Toe Shoe Review

    Less shoes and more you! The philosophy behind ZEMgear footwear is based on proprioception – with lesser shoe information from the foot travels a lot quickly to the brain hence brings stability, natural movement, balance and performance. Evolving from it’s beach volleyball roots, ZEMgear has been continually developing its line of products for different type of activities. I recently got a ZEMgear Terra, a ZEMgear footwear geared towards the active traveler. It has a ninja split-toe design with toe-guard protection and barefoot agility feel and a Green Grip outsole with non-slip and high traction for different terrains. I had the ZEMgear Terra for more than a month already and put it through several abuse – from mountain climbs, river treks, track runs and even general gym use.