4 Types of Design Aided by Technology

Although you might traditionally think of design having more of a connection to pen and paper than technology, there are many modern ways in which technology helps designers to improve and establish their skills and work. This article will cover some of the main elements of design and how technology aids designers in these factions to digitize, create, and give inspiration to their designs.


PCBs are commonly found in all electrical and tech gadgets to form electrical circuits that secure the running of the device. However, technology and advances in computer software have helped the PCB industry to grow exponentially. Where once you would have had to buy a PCB from an industrial supplier, it is now possible to create your own printed circuits board at will. You can do this through using computer-aided software such as Altium’s free CAD software which enables users to design their own PCBs and apply these to their products, adapting them to their product’s individual needs. This has allowed companies to start experimenting with miniaturization and flexible PCBs to suit new gadgets such as smart watches and lighter devices.

Graphic designer work desk
Graphic designer work desk

Graphic Design

Graphic design is also greatly supported by technology through the use of software applications that users can utilize from their homes and offices. This can enable beginners and professionals to digitize and edit their paper designs on a computer for a professional look. Graphic design software varies depending on its purpose, such as software like Photoshop and InDesign for publications, but many entrepreneurs use graphic design software for marketing items such as posters and logos, product design such as blueprints and sketches, and even creative purposes such as drawing and publishing.


Technology is also helping architects to fulfill their careers in terms of design and other elements of architecture. For instance, 3D modeling equipment such as printers allows architects to print off their work and ideas in 3D from their homes and offices. These are also excellent for entrepreneurs looking to launch products as it enables the user to view their product or designs in 3D, making it easier to show potential investors and see the faults in their designs. Architecture is also helped by technology in other areas, while advances in AR and VR may help architects in the future by enabling them to design immersive models through which investors can experience their finished buildings and creations without leaving the office.

A Friday night in with the dogs (reading Responsive Web Design)

Web Design

Website design is also aided by technology, with many people now having the ability to create their own blogs and websites at will. Website builders such as WordPress take away the stress of designing your own website by allowing you to create a website in seconds by simply choosing a single theme and then adapting and customizing this theme from this professional starting point.

There are many industries and careers focusing on design that benefit from technology. From web design to architecture, technology continues to aid design through its ability to produce equipment that can harness human skill and reduce the time and expense of creating designs from scratch.