Ushering 2010 with Blue Moons

The Full Moon on a New Year 2010 (Taken 12:22am Phil Time)
The Full Moon on a New Year 2010

Yes it comes only every 2 decades. And we get to see it this time again on the New Years Eve of 2009. No don’t expect the moon to be fully blue in color but it’s just a term for a double full moon in one month which happens rarely hence the term “Once in a blue moon” while technically here in the Philippines it starts at 3:15am January 1st so it wouldn’t be a blue moon on 2009 but on 2010. In fact 2010 would be a rare lunar year with having multiple blue moons here in the Philippines, which is January 1, and 30 and March 1 and 30.

Twin Blue Moons in the Philippines in 2010
The Full Moon on a New Year 2010

Now whichever belief is associated with this astrological phenomenon, I’m pretty sure photographers would be excited to try out taking photos of the moon in all its clarity and details during these times. Just some simple points before you try shoot the moon:

  • The moon light is akin to the sun, so you can meter in daylight white balance as well
  • Set your metering to spot to focus on the light from the moon
  • It’s recommended to have a telephoto lenses ( I took these shots with a Zuiko 70-300mm which is equal to 140-600mm)
  • Set ISO to low from 100 to 400 since it can be pretty bright even on night time
  • Set aperture to open small from f8 to f16 to get as much detail and avoid over exposure

You can start from here and experiment on these settings. Happy New Year everyone! Hoping for a prosperous 2010 🙂

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  1. wow ang ganda ang shot mo ferdz! happy 2010! cheers! 🙂

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