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Audio | Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset Review

Whether you are aware of it or not, we are bombarded everyday by harmful radiation coming especially from our mobile devices. Imagine being inside a microwave and slowly being cooked alive without us knowing. While effects of radiation exposure (like Glioma, lower sperm count for males, pregnancy risk, memory loss, headache, fatigue and increase risk for Alzheimer disease to mention a few) are still heavily debated. There is no denying the studies supporting these effects are piling up. The growing concern of consumer product manufacturers are evident on the increasing number of Anti-Radiation products like Vest Tech. On the recent Digits Trading presentation of Cool Summer Tech Accessories, the Vest Tech items got my attention. I got a chance to try their Vest Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset. The hallow tube construction of the headset are designed to cut radiation by 98% and still promises to deliver excellent sound quality.