Keen Uneek: Unique Open-Air Designed Cord + Sole Sandals

Topload with a Keen Uneek overlooking Bontoc

I got a bit bummed when my Keen Newport H2 gave up on me after getting at least two years of beating. Yep it has gone through miles of hikes both on mountain trails, beaches and pavements that I feel had fairly utilized the sandals. I planned to buy another one as replacement but local stocks seemed to have ran out early this year and I had to settle for something similar from another brand. Then I saw the full spread ad of Keen Uneek in an issue of Outside Magazine. I thought it was a cool looking sandals. Innovative in fact, making use of the highly popular paracord accesories often as bracelets doubling as survival tools. Although this left me wondering how comfortable it is. Glad the local distributor, Primer finally brought the Keen Uneek to the Philippine shores last quarter of 2015. I’ve been using the Keen Uneek for at least a couple of months now and let me share how it fared in real-world use.

The Keen Newport H2 | All-Around Tough Sandals for the Active Traveler

The Keen Newport H2 in Kalinga Province

I’m more of a sandals guy when I travel. I rarely bring or use my shoes (except for running). I like the comfort of having my calloused feet breath. On bus rides or on board planes, I often slip-off my footwear to be comfortable as can on my seat and sandals are very convenient for this. I like my sandals tough too, as often, there would be impromptu hikes around the corner and I want my footwear ready for those occasions. I’ve been using the Keen Newport H2 Sandals for more than a month now. A fitting time to see how this hybrid footwear known for its toe-protection performs in real life. The greatest test was our epic 6 hour hike at the mountains of Kalinga province.

Playtime is Back! Work Harder and Play Harder with Keen

KEEN entered the market in 2003 with a fresh and excitingly innovative approach in Alameda, California. The brand impressed the world with its radical departure from the ordinary with its special hybrid sandal that features a protective toe bumper – allowing the feet to get utmost protection while enjoying the breezy comfort of a sandal. In no time, KEEN flourished as an international brand embraced by many. In 2006, the company relocated to Portland, Oregon where they established its official headquarters.