Ayala Museum | The Art and the Order of Nature in Indigenous Philippine Textiles

I’ve always been fascinated by the textiles created by the various indigenous people of our country. I myself have visited their places and have seen with my own eyes how they weave and crafted these pieces of works. To them, the designs and patterns, influenced by their surroundings, nature and belief is inherent and flows naturally through them. In Ayala Museum’s newly opened exhibit at its 4th floor galleries, the “Art and the Order of Nature in Indigenous Philippine Textiles” showcase to display the indigenous Philippine textiles in a different light.

Putting on the make up in Caracol 2012

Caracol 2012: Going Behind the Scenes

Makati’s Caracol is the city’s Mardi Gras which aims to celebrate love and awareness for Mother Nature. Most of the costumes revolve on earth themes like animals, underwater creatures and reptiles. It’s been years since I last saw this celebration which usually was held on the third week of January coinciding with other Sto Nino festivals. Now it was held on the third week of February 2012. It’s not the grandest of festivals but the effort in terms of costume design and make up is commendable. In this series of photos, the spotlight is on the Make Up artist and custome designers working behind the scenes to make the performers as presentable, photogenic and in-character with their performance.

The Fireworks in Makati to welcome 2012

Welcoming 2012 at the Magical and Musical Makati

Good bye 2011! It has been a good year but 2012 holds a lot of promise. The recent holiday season, we had a lot of foreign relatives visitng our humble home in the Philippines, it was fitting that I stay in the metro but it was a fun staycation. I decided to welcome the new year in Makati for their Magical! Musical! New Year’s Countdown 2011. it’s the second time for me to welcome the new year here but it was a lot better, organized and more extravagant. The stage and the lighting was awesome, I was also able to catch The Dawn’s pumped up performance and the fireworks, the whole 15 minutes of was magnificent. A great way to enter the new year. Sharing here soem photos from that night.

Exposure: Ayala Triangle Symphony of Light

Ayala Triangle Symphony of LightsI had a chance to visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens this evening and the Symphony of Light was wonderful. Coming from conducting a Photo Talk, then a warehouse sale, decided to drop by here check out the night lights here. It was really nice, the music, the effects and the lights were really captivating. I only have my Olympus E-PL1 with me and my new Lumix Pancake Lens 20mm F1.7. It was a great way to test it out on this low-light condition. I’m glad I was able to compose shots hand-held with this really fast lens. Do check out the show every night with up to 8pm with 30 minutes interval. Will surely go back here.

Coffee Origins 2010 Greenbelt 5

Coffee Origins 2010 Greenbelt 5 Coffee lovers have a reason to troop to Greenbelt 5, Ayala until next week. The Coffee Origins Exhibit is running at the Gallery Bridge at the 2nd level. I’m not really a coffee enthusiast but it’s a project I’m involved with like last year as the creative guys behind the booth designs used my photos from Lake Sebu, Bacolod and Iloilo on their booth. Check it out.