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YogaHive: Yoga Lifestyle Partner in Makati

Yoga practitioners and enthusiast in Makati have another option for a place to practice. YogaHive, just in front of the Salcedo Park in Makati was formerly Beyond Yoga until the owners decided to discontinue with the franchise and make a brand of their own. YogaHive was formally launched a month ago (April 2017) with a week-long open house classes for everyone to try. I got to attend a few classes then just to get a feel of their studio, teachers and their sense of community.

Lounge area of the studio
Lounge area of the studio

YogaHive Studio

YogaHive has a very good location just beside the Salcedo Park. If you’ve ever visit the Salcedo Saturday Market, they are easy to spot. I really like the interiors. They have warm inviting ambiance. The lounge area has eclectic choice of furnishing and decors that its easy to stay comfortable longer before or after class.

The class area is large and can be divided into two section with a sliding door. The interior still retains the styling from Beyond Yoga but the lighting here is excellent. Relaxed with enough accent light if you feel like striking a pose inside. Yoga Hive provides quality Manduka Pro yoga mats and blocks for free. If you use yoga towels, you have to bring your own.

The male locker room here is cramped. Much like the same in Beyond Yoga Greenhills I visited. I also don’t like that irregular sized lockers. Good thing the place is clean.

Paulo Leonido during a Broga class
Paulo Leonido during a Broga class

The Teachers and Classes

A yoga studio is only as good as the yoga teachers they have. So far, from the classes I’ve attended, they really have a good set of teachers that resonate well with my practice. I enjoyed Bea’s Hot Vinyasa class. It was a different approach with the first half with a heart pumping flow and the other half more of a yin-type flow. I like teachers who make adjustments on my poses. Bea does that. She feels the state of the class as well and adjust accordingly.

I also attended Paulo Leonido’s Broga class. Broga is designed for men but also attracts women who want to build more strength. The style is basically some basic yoga asanas incorporating some HIIT elements like burpees and pushups seamlessly into the mix. Paulo is a certified Broga instructor and has feel good energy in his classes. He also adds a bit wit to keep you smiling even when doing some challenging sequences.

There’s also a Power Vinyasa class I attended with Arlene. I like Arlene’s vibe and her energy is infectious in class. She really does deliver on the “power” yoga with her flow sequence. If she see’s that the students are up for the challenge, she’ll work on towards a good peak pose for everyone to try.

Other classes they offer are the Yoga Fundamentals, Easy Vinyasa, Intermediate Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Rocket Yoga and Yin Yoga. They will be adding Ashtanga Yoga by May 2017. There are other class of interest as well, like Aerial Hoops, NT sweat and Pole if you’re into those things. CoreWell if you want to focus on strengthening the core. There may be times that there would be simultaneous classes happening in the studio only to be divided by the wall.

The studio uses Manduka mats which they also have for sale along with some yoga apparel
The studio uses Manduka mats which they also have for sale along with some yoga apparel


After a few classes with YogaHive, I think they have a really good set of teachers that I wouldn’t mind attending classes for some time. They have a beautiful cozy studio in an accessible location too. Their cramped men’s locker is not a big deal for me but I could use a good water dispenser. So bring your own hydration if you’re attending classes here. I think the strength of YogaHive is the community they are building. It’s one of those studios that seems to connect well with their students even after class. Thus their outdoor retreats and immersion classes being offered. Their class passes or membership fees are competitive in Metro Manila standard, especially if you are living in Makati and nearby cities.

If you always wanted to try yoga and is looking for a friendly and welcoming studio with a good sense of community, give YogaHive a try.

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One of my yoga buddies enjoying the comfortable bench
One of my yoga buddies enjoying the comfortable bench
YogaHive reception area
YogaHive reception area
YogaHive have amiable staff. Feel free to ask questions
YogaHive have amiable staff. Feel free to ask questions



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