Olympus OM-D E-M5 Goes Underwater with the Dicapac WP-H10

The Olympus OM-D EM-5 inside a Dicapac WP-H10 floating on sea water

So I was off to an island where the reef is excellently preserved and it would be a shame if I didn’t take any underwater pictures. I was thinking of getting a dedicated underwater camera but I thought the price was too much so decided on getting a Dicapac WP-H10 instead. The Dicapac is a brand of camera underwater housing, the WP-H10 model is ideal for advance compact cameras like Canon’s G-Series or even mirrorless cameras such as my Olympus OM-D E-M5. The underwater case cost PHP2700 (US$65). I was a little adamant putting my gear inside such case but I thought the OM-D’s weather sealing can handle a little wetness in case water gets in.

Olympus OM-D Third Party BLN-1 Battery from iSmart and DSTE

3rd party BLN-1 Batteries (iSmart Digi, left and DSTE, right)

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 is probably one of the most successful cameras fro Olympus to date.  With so many people have their hands on it it wasn’t surprising that for a time their original BLN-1 battery got a shortage of supply making consumers turn to 3rd party manufacturers for that extra juice. Not to mention that these Olympus OM-D Third Party BLN-1 Battery alternatives are aslo cheap but with some drawbacks. We take a look at 2 3rd party batteries I was able to use for a couple of months now – the iSmart Digi and the DSTE Battery BLN-1.

Dispatch: 5 days in Java Indonesia

Borobudur Glorious Light

Yes, 5 days and it seems quite shorter even when I was there. I just got back this morning and am really excited to sort out the photos and organise my notes on this trip. It was my second time in Indonesia and my objective for this trip was specifically the UNESCO Heritage Site of Borobudur. But before that I ended up in Solo (Surakarta) first then Yogyakarta.

UAAP S75 Beach Volleyball Finals

Bhebs Pineda for Adamsons

It was a day filled with intense beach volleyball action, hotter than the scorching mid-day sun. Last years champs are back at the finals to surprisingly face different challenging teams this time. For the women’s University of Sto Tomas (UST) faced Adamson (ADU) with the former having a thrice to beat advantage for sweeping the elimination while on the men’s, Far Eastern University (FEU) faced National University (NU) in a best-of-three finale. Who came out the victor? Let’s find out.

Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm Macro Field Review at an Orchid Show

The Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3

My main objective in visiting the Philippine Orchid Society’s Orchid Show at Quezon Circle was to test out the Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ. While I’m not really an Orchid enthusiast, I didn’t expect to be enamoured by nature’s natural patterns and beauty especially looking through macro eyes. The M.Zuiko 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 may be one of the most underrated lenses in the M43rds judging from the slowness of aperture, but how does it perform in real world use?

Life Under the Bridge by the Railway

One of the families living under the bridge

It’s not really my thing to take Street Photos of people living in harsh conditions like the homeless, street beggars or other people in deplorable conditions. I always thought taking photos of them just glamorizes the idea of poverty and can easily be misconstrued in pictures. It’s a sensitive issue that delving into it requires caution and care. But I keep an open mind in these things and when I was asked if I can accompany Karl’s group one morning to the site they took pictures somewhere in Sta Mesa, Manila, I obliged as it would be interesting to explore this kind of photography.