On Board: Seair Inflight Aug-Sept 2010

Seair Inflight Aug-Sept 2010 Cover Story Ready… set… Action! Whether it’s that adrenaline pumping activity or that really exotic delicacy, adventure is the name of the game in this August-September Issue of Seair Inflight. Get on the adventure side of Bohol beyond the Chocolate Hills, surf through the slew of activities in La Union with insider guide Luke Landrigan, and try out exotic delights with Stephanie Zuibiri. So if you find yourself riding any Seair Flight check out the latest issue. In the meantime, here are spreads from the Bohol Adventure cover story.

Dispatch: On Assignment Bohol Adventure

Peacock Resort View from Room Third time’s a charm as they say! In a span of a month I’ve been to Bohol for the third time. I just came home from a magazine photo assignment which I may say is so far the most physically challenging and also life-risky shoots I’ve done. It’s all about adventure I say and it was hell lot of fun. As much as I liked to do a daily dispatch, I can’t divulge much detail until the issue is out.

On Assignment: So how do you shoot a ghost?

The Dominican Hill

It seemed a daunting task but I took on the assignment with much gusto as delving into the paranormal intrigues me. Seair Inflight wanted to feature Baguio’s famous haunts for its October-November Issue. There was research done on the famous and not so famous spots. But as with any ghost stories it’s a question on how would you catch anything that isn’t corporeal. Let alone a question of belief if they do exist.

On Assignment: Semi-Glamor Shoot in Batanes

Suzie Semi-Glamour in Batan

I must admit, I rarely shoot glamor. I’m not that intimidated really to shoot glamor as its a strategic combination of light and location. But when you add a concept like “Fishing” into “Fashion” that’s when everything goes a bit haywire. Admittedly that’s a challenging concept for me, especially when the location is rugged Batanes. C’mon it’s a bit easy to do location shoots and just let the model pose in but add in fishing?

Now Onboard: InFlight August – September 2009

Seair Inflight August-September Cover

Seair Inflight’s August-September 2009 Issue is now onboard. It’s cover feature are the beaches in Romblon. Also check out my contributions for this issue. The exquisite accommodation in Batanes, Fundacion Pacita feature “Room at the Top” written by Chip Childers and a feature on 145° Fahrenheit entitled “Steak Side” written by Ces Rodriguez. Once again, thank you to Seair Inflight team for the opportunity. Read on for the Editorial Note.

On Assignment: Being a writer and a photographer in Mindoro

Cover Story: Secrets of Mindoro

I have been on assignment in Mindoro twice for two different publications. The first one when I covered an Iraya Mangyan Festival and a resort in Oriental Mindoro. The most recent one was for Mabuhay Magazine when I went to Occidental Mindoro to discover its secrets. This was published last June 2009 Issue. On both occasions I went there both as a writer and a photographer.

With one hand on the camera and the other on a pen and notebook, I went around Mindoro to capture a story. Personally, I would prefer to be either a writer or a photographer. But I have seen a good mix of photographer and writers who does a great job at their work in the likes of Lester Ledesma. I also heard from a friend in the publication industry saying that the prestigious Outside Magazine, one my favorite outdoor and travel mags is known to hire people who could both write and take photos. In my experience, working as both has advantages and advantages.