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5 Reasons to Watch Thor: Ragnarok at SM Cinema IMAX!

The third movie of Marvel’s Thor franchise is here – Thor: Ragnarok! And I was fortunate to catch a preview showing of the movie before its regular screening date on Oct 25, 2017. I wouldn’t want to share some spoilers but let’s just say that Thor continues where the Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron left off. Thor: Ragnarok is funnier and more action packed than the last two movies. Always enjoyed hero crossovers so its fun to see the Hulk here (and another Marvel character) playing a role in this movie. Thor made a radical transformation in this movie. It was very interesting to watch the character chemistry along with the witty sequences and the heart pounding action scenes.

Premiere tickets
Premiere tickets

If you’re a fan of the franchise or simply enjoy watching highly entertaining movie like Thor: Ragnarok, I highly recommend the SM Cinema IMAX 3D experience. Here are the reasons why:

  1. IMAX exclusively features 26% more of the action than a the regular screenThat’s more screen real estate for you to see whatever easter eggs Marvel is hiding. IMAX cinemas uses a special 1.9:1 ratio shot exclusively by IMAX cameras.
  2. Asgard comes to life through IMAX’s vivid colorsStep into the world of Asgard, Thor’s homeworld and see it in more vividness and clarity. IMAX’s digital enhancement process which delivers 60% more brightness and 40% greater contrast than what you’ll find anywhere else.
  3. Imagine the Hulk on IMAX’s giant screenOne of my favorite sequences in the movie is the gladiator battle between Thor and Hulk. The IMAX has a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, curved screen that fills even your peripheral vision with increased viewing angles up to an average of 70 degrees. It’s like being right there where the action happens.
  4. IMAX’s earth shattering soundWeather its Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) thunderous sounds or Hulk’s Earth shattering smashes, IMAX customized sound system delivers clear and crisp sound from the very small details.
  5. IMAX’s 3D is out-of-this worldIt may take a little getting used to wearing the 3D Glasses at first but once the eyes get accustomed, its all eye-candy from this point on. Not out-of-this world for me but more like being inside the world of Thor. How can you top this viewing experience?
Enjoying the movie with travel blogger friends
Enjoying the movie with travel blogger friends

Step into the movieverse and catch the god of thunder with the biggest movie screen in town. Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok hits IMAX theaters and SM Cinema branches nationwide on October 25. For tickets, log on to or follow @SM_Cinema on Instagram and /SMCinema on facebook for more details.






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