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Radio Guesting at DZAR 1026 Byahe at Gimik

With Byahe@Gimik's host, Tony and Jaime
With [email protected]’s host, Tony and Jaime

I must confess, I have always wanted to be on a radio. There was a time when mp3s where none existent and walkmans and CD players were the “In” thing that radio had always been my companion. Yes, I’ve joined those radio contest (and won a number of them) and would look forward every end of the year for those year end countdown, hoping and praying that my bet for the yearend number 1 song would be correct. Moving on from this nostalgia, last week I found myself behind the mike this time on AM radio, Sonshine TV-Radyo DZAR 1026 sharing my travel stories and thoughts on their program Byahe at Gimik.

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Few of My Nature Clips included at the “Love the Earth Film”

Imogen Heap and Thomas Ermacora
Imogen Heap and Thomas Ermacora

Imogen Heap is one of my favorite female musicians. First time I’ve heard her ethereal voice is on the collaborative duo Frou Frou. I looked her up and found out she had great solo albums and since then, her music has been a constant companion in my travels. I was ecstatic to learn she was co-working (with Thomas Ermacora) on a concept nature film, Love The Earth and are asking people for contributions.

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Backpack Photography Batanes June 2010 Video

Backpack Photography Batanes June 2010 from Ferdz Decena on Vimeo.

Backpack Photography Batanes Travel and Outdoors Workshop has just ended. Here are video highlights of the Workshop held last June 24-27, 2010. It was 4 days and nights of waking up before the sun, humidity and power outages. But the refreshing views, great weather through out and the company of enthusiastic group of photographers with sunny and cheerful air made it all worthwhile.

Big thanks to Canon for lending the Selphy Printer and a prize, a couple more prizes from Eagle Creek, Olympus for providing each of us Caps to use under the heat and Sony for lending the bloggie.

All videos were taken with the Olympus E-PL1

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