With Byahe@Gimik's host, Tony and Jaime

Radio Guesting at DZAR 1026 Byahe at Gimik

With Byahe@Gimik's host, Tony and Jaime
With Byahe@Gimik’s host, Tony and Jaime

I must confess, I have always wanted to be on a radio. There was a time when mp3s where none existent and walkmans and CD players were the “In” thing that radio had always been my companion. Yes, I’ve joined those radio contest (and won a number of them) and would look forward every end of the year for those year end countdown, hoping and praying that my bet for the yearend number 1 song would be correct. Moving on from this nostalgia, last week I found myself behind the mike this time on AM radio, Sonshine TV-Radyo DZAR 1026 sharing my travel stories and thoughts on their program Byahe at Gimik.

Sonshine TV-Radyo’s Byahe at Gimik is a radio program which talks about anything travel. And every Friday, they have a live guests onboard. Recently, they have been guesting several travel bloggers already. When I got an invitation, I thought, why not, this could be fun and their station is not that far from where I live. Besides, there’s still that lingering fantasy to be a radio DJ and be behind a mike. Well I did not get to mix and introduce some tunes but we did have a fun discussion.

We talked about my recent trips like the large Kawa in Antique, there’s also my top destinations in the Philippines, some background into photography and travelling styles. Honestly it turned out fun and I really enjoyed the on air discussion. So I thank the staff and the wonderful hosts Tony and Jaime for inviting me over.



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