iA Writer: Focus on Writing App

iA Writer for iPad

No settings. No formatting. No font choices. Everything stripped down to its bare essentials. That’s how wonderful iA Writer app is for me. In a world where a lot of software developers are packing features and customizations, going back to the basic and simplest way to write is refreshing. It feels like having an old typewriter where you just roll in a paper then start typing in on a blank screen and let the words flow.

Radio Guesting at DZAR 1026 Byahe at Gimik

With [email protected]'s host, Tony and Jaime

I must confess, I have always wanted to be on a radio. There was a time when mp3s where none existent and walkmans and CD players were the “In” thing that radio had always been my companion. Yes, I’ve joined those radio contest (and won a number of them) and would look forward every end of the year for those year end countdown, hoping and praying that my bet for the yearend number 1 song would be correct. Moving on from this nostalgia, last week I found myself behind the mike this time on AM radio, Sonshine TV-Radyo DZAR 1026 sharing my travel stories and thoughts on their program Byahe at Gimik.

Ironwulf En Route Edition on Google Currents

Ironwulf Edition on both IOS (iPad) and Android (Xperia Active)

Google Currents is an app developed by Google that’s designed to deliver a magazine-type experience while reading content on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Released late last year 2011 in the US, it only got available internationally last April 2012. If you’re an Apple IOS user, it’s easy to say it’s a competitor to FlipBoard, a neatly designed social media aggregator. Clearly and personally, I  think Flipboard wins in terms of aesthetics and reading experience as well as integration of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But Google Currents do have aces up its sleeve besides becoming a pre-installed app in all Android devices starting from the upcoming Android Jelly Bean (4.1).

Dispatch: A Taste of AirPhil Express Fly and Sail AdvenTour in Singapore

Last weekend, I was invited by AirPhil Express to experience their new AdvenTour Package offering they had call “Fly and Sail”. In partnership with Star Cruises, the Fly and Sail is a four-day Adventure Tour Package where once can Fly to Singapore and go for a cruise to Malaysia for only P24,888 per person. It’s my first time to actually try a cruise and it was pretty fun. I’ll be writing about the experience starting next week in ironwulf.net En Route. In the meantime if you would like to know more of the details, read on.

5 Steps For Creating a Unique Travel Blog

Last weekend, a Pinoy Travel Bloggers Forum was conducted by Blog And Soul. I was one of the panelist there along with Edgar Allan Zeta-Yap, Ivan Henares, James Betia and later joined by Gael Hilotin and facilitator Nina Fuentes. It was an interesting afternoon of discussion about different aspects of Travel Blogging (You could watch… Continue reading 5 Steps For Creating a Unique Travel Blog

Ferdz Decena Calling Cards for 2011

I just got my set of new calling cards for 2011. When I was about to run out of my old calling cards I thought it was a good opportunity to re-design one. The card this time is back-to-back so I don’t have to give separate cards for different blogs. Also I’m focused more on ferdzdecena.com this time around but ironwulf.net is still at the back. Remind me to give you one when I see you.