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The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

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Let’s admit it. Apple makes great products from Macbooks to iPhones and iPads but they suck at making cables for device connectivity and charging. Ask any user and they’ll sing the same tune – their cables doesn’t last that long. That’s why numerous option from third-party manufacturers seek to address this concern. Fuse Chicken is one of them with their Titan line of nearly indestructible cables. I had the pleasure of trying the Titan Loop, a 9-inch long cable that can be looped as a keychain.

Using the Titan Loop on the iPhone and iPad
Using the Titan Loop on the iPhone and iPad

Titan Loop Claim

Fuse Chicken claims that their Titan cables (including the Titan Loop) are the “Toughest Cable on Earth”. It’s “Human Proof, Pet Proof and Everything Proof”. Their cable is wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel. The Lightning and USB connectors are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. From the handling, it sure feels solid and heavy-duty. While I never did try to batter-test the cable like what they had on their video (hammered, chainsawed, knotted and thrown away), I never had problems with the Titan Loop connectivity. Tried it both on an iPhone and Ipad Mini.

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