The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

Gear | Fuse Chicken Titan Loop: Toughest USB Cable on Earth

Let’s admit it. Apple makes great products from Macbooks to iPhones and iPads but they suck at making cables for device connectivity and charging. Ask any user and they’ll sing the same tune – their cables doesn’t last that long. That’s why numerous option from third-party manufacturers seek to address this concern. Fuse Chicken is one of them with their Titan line of nearly indestructible cables. I had the pleasure of trying the Titan Loop, a 9-inch long cable that can be looped as a keychain.

Field Test | Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor

Runners these days have it easy. With a multitude of wearables lately, gone are the two-fingers-on-wrist pulse count for the heart rate method as these new wearables can instantly show information such as heart rate, distance, elevation, pace and calories burned at ease. Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor is the offering from the famed Runtastic Apps brand. I reviewed their other wearable Runtastic Orbit which is a cheaper fitness tracker. The Runtastic GPS Watch has more features for people seriously starting or are already into running.

My Miggo Strap wrapped around my OM-D

Gear | Miggo Strap and Wrap: Innovative Camera Strap

One thing I often do when I buy a new camera, particularly DSLRs or Mirrorless, is ditch its bundled neck strap. Never really fond of those thin, branded strap that often feels tights and cuts through the neck. I don’t use them and they are much often kept in the box as I prefer to use my 3rd party camera straps. In buying a camera strap, most of the time my main concern is comfort and durability. Then there was Miggo Strap and Wrap. I got a chance to test out this Kickstarter-funded project by the some of the people behind the designs of the highly-popular Kata bags and camera accessories. I’m a fan of Kata products as I’ve used them before so I was interested in what they have worked on as they got independent from the company.

Sea to Summit | Travelling Light: Toiletry Bag, Laundry Bag and Document Pouch

In the Philippines, Sea to Summit brand is mostly known for its quick-dry microfiber towels and sturdy line of dry bags. Well, Sea to Summit has other range of products geared for travel. The Travelling Light series of accessories are light, compact and durable. This is made possible by the tightly-woven Cordura Fabric which is thin yet tough and resistant to light rain. Here are some of the products I have used from the Travelling Light line – the Hanging Toiletry Bag, Laundry Bag and Document Pouch.

Expert Shield on my OM-D

The Expert Shield Screen Protector for the Olympus OM-D EM-5

I’m actually one of those persons who don’t believe in screen protectors since most screens are made to withstand scratches. But there are exemptions to some. Put a phone in a pocket with keys and coins most of the time there would be chances it would get some scratch. The same for camera screens which usually is a an object of abuse when bringing it out on travel. Cameras sometimes collide together with other items when in a pack or even out in the open when hiking or rummaging in a busy street. Either way, LCD screens gets scratched one way or another. I’ve been contemplating on getting a screen guard for my OM-D and it was timely that Expert Shield Screen Protector sent in a few samples specific to my Olympus OM-D to try out.