Peak Design Capture POV: Hands-free Action Cam Mount

Action cameras are best used without us thinking about it being there. So instead of holding on to our selfie sticks, hands-free accessories are available. It makes us just think about our awesome action videos and not the camera. The Kickstarter-born company Peak Design created the Capture POV. Adopting the design from their highly successful first Kickstarter project, the camera carrying clip accessory Capture. Peak Design Capture P.O.V. is specially made for action cameras and even point-and-shoot cameras. Smartphones can also be used as long as the user have a mount.

Inside the box
Inside the box

Capture POV

Peak Design makes sure it captures you Point of View, hence the P.O.V. Ideally the Capture POV is placed close to the body by attaching the accessory to a backpack strap or vest. It can also be used on other places as long as it has a strap to hold on to like ski boots, belts and bags.

The carrying clip is constructed from Aluminum and reinforced Nylon. On hand, it feels solid and tough. The clip is connected by clamping bolts. Tightened to keep it held tight on the strap. A Stabilizer Pad is available to be clipped in between for its purpose. An action camera mount or point-and-shoot plate can be used. The Action Camera mount is for GoPro (or similar) compatible accessories.

Capture POV clip
Capture POV clip

In Use

The Capture POV can be used to help capture any activity you like. Ideally it would be good for biking but can also be used for hiking too. Anything that you can use a bag or chest strap to keep it on hold. I wanted to use it for biking in Batanes but did more hiking instead.

I attached the accessory to my Manfrotto Camera bag. The width of the straps fits just fine but the thickness made me use the longer bolt to attach it. Good thing the package comes in two bolts a short and long one. I used an action camera for this one and the plate is easy to slide and remove. Once I had the proper and desired height it’s ready to go.

Mounted my action cam for my Sabtang hike
Mounted my action cam for my Sabtang hike


I like how intuitive the Capture POV in use. I think most of the regular sized strap would fit in the clip mount but do check first if you are planning to buy one. The construction definitely looks like it will last long and there is the Peak Design lifetime guarantee to back it up. Easy to attach and remove the camera from the mount and compatibility with other cameras aside from the GoPro is a plus. I thought it went well taking a video of my hike on Sabtang Island. I don’t think the stabilization pad helped though since I was hiking and on foot some of the videos do look jolty. I wonder how it would do on a bike though. Still, a very good hands-free accessory for heavy action camera users. I would recommend to bikers and motorcyclist especially.

Peak Design products are premium in price so is this one. The Capture POV is available for pre-order at EchoPhotoPH ( for Php 3,800. But you do get the quality, ease of use and lifetime warranty for this one.

Capture POV Box
Capture POV Box






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