Field Test | Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor

Runners these days have it easy. With a multitude of wearables lately, gone are the two-fingers-on-wrist pulse count for the heart rate method as these new wearables can instantly show information such as heart rate, distance, elevation, pace and calories burned at ease. Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor is the offering from the famed Runtastic Apps brand. I reviewed their other wearable Runtastic Orbit which is a cheaper fitness tracker. The Runtastic GPS Watch has more features for people seriously starting or are already into running.

The McArthur Landing Site in Tacloban taken with the Nikon D750

Express Review | The Nikon D750 Field Test in Tacloban

I have this misconception that Full-frame cameras are humongous DSLR monsters where one have to take an extra effort to bring it to trips. I was recently asked to test out the latest of the Nikon DSLR FX-format, the Nikon D750. I was pretty surprised by how light it was basing it on the body itself. I’ve been using the DX-format Nikon D7100 for a couple of months already and I actually found the D750 slightly lighter and much solid in construction. That is until I fitted the camera with the Nikon 24–140mm f4 lens which is the standard kit. I had a scheduled trip to Tacloban and I thought it was the perfect time to try the camera.

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

Review | Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8: Innovative Multimode Tablet

It was just timely this little wonder of a tablet came in when my 2-year old Apple iPad 2 is conking out. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 is one of the many Android-based tablets currently saturating the market and this definitely gets curious looks for its unusual design that clearly sets it apart from the common and boring flat-rectangular style tablets. As a disclaimer, Lenovo Philippines provided this Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 when I was invited to join their 18-hour challenge testing the tablet’s battery life and for review. After our challenge, I took the tablet for a trip to really see if it could work with how I travel. Don’t expect this review to be technical but as a practical user experience review.