Traveling with the Asus ZenPower Pro Power Bank

Charging with the Asus ZenPower Pro

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It was so timely that I got a new Asus ZenPower Pro power bank as I was shopping around for a new power bank to use for my travels. We won the prize when our group got 3rd place overall in an event. On paper, it fits the criteria of what I was looking for – high capacity at 10,050 mAh, handy credit-card size, functional with two USB fast-charging ports and an extra LED light for emergencies. Looks like a sweet spot for power banks but does it perform as it says. Brought it for a week long trip up the Cordilleras to find out.

The packaging
The packaging

Asus ZenPower Pro

Not all power banks are made the same so it’s important to choose one that’s right for your use. Since I already have a slew of device (2 phones and a tablet) when I travel I don’t want another one that’s too bulky. The Asus ZenPower Pro is not exactly credit-card sized according to its description. For a 10,050 mAh, it is small and handy compared to its equivalent power bank capacity. The form factor looks simple yet elegant. I like that it comes with a rubber bumper sleeve to. Aside from adding traction for my buttery hands it helps protect the device from bumps and scratches.

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