Securing your digital cameras with PacSafe CarrySafe 100

PacSafe CarrySafe 100 Camera Strap
PacSafe CarrySafe 100 Camera Strap

Digital Cameras, especially DSLRs is one piece of expensive equipment we tend to carry around more often. It would be a nightmare if I loose my camera when some street thieves would slash through my strap and run off with my camera on a motorbike or loose my camera from fall from weak strap connectors. I know the chances are slim but I actually know people who experienced this horror stories so I’m a bit paranoid with my gears. I also don’t like using my default camera strap since I don’t like the brand name screaming (not that I didn’t love the brand) on it and I just didn’t find them comfortable in the long run especially if you have a heavy camera. It’s a good thing there are third party camera straps available from manufacturers like Crumpler, Kata and Tamrac, OP/Tech but my favorite among them is PacSafe’s CarrySafe 100 strap.

PacSafe is one of the accessory brands that boast of Anti-theft travel gear technology. I actually wrote a very short review of the PacSafe CarrySafe 100 before on En Route along with my other PacSafe Gears like the PouchSafe and WalletSafe which I use. Like I said before, I like the CarrySafe 100 camera strap but I didn’t like the neck padding as it’s a bit thin and would slide off out of place from position when on the neck. A few months later PacSafe International sent in a new and improved CarrySafe 100. Immediately I inspected the new strap to see what has changed.

PacSafe CarrySafe 100 neck strap (new version on the left with added non-slip grip pad)
PacSafe CarrySafe 100 neck strap (new version on the left with added non-slip grip pad)

At first look there doesn’t seem to be any changes but looking closer especially at the back of the neoprene neck strap I found a thick grip pad stitched into the neck strap. It’s really nice as it added more padding and has better grip yet has a comfortable and breathable feel to it.

belt-design camera webbing
belt-design camera webbing

Inspecting further, I also noticed that the camera webbing connector straps has an improved design. Unlike standard camera webbing straps where you just loop it in and lock with a plastic anti-slider, the new CarrySafe 100 has a belt-like webbing design which has a more secure connection to the camera. First I’ve seen on a camera strap.

And of course, my favorite features are still there like the double-locking features of the anchors to avoid accidentally opening of the spring lever to release the camera and a neoprene sliding sleeve to hide the anchors and connectors and secure them. And most importantly the strap which runs for 60 inches long but adjustable to user preference has a built-in high tensile stainless steel wire throughout it’s length. This makes it nearly impossible to slash through.

CarrySafe 100 Dual-lock system anchors
CarrySafe 100 Dual-lock system anchors

I actually used this on my Laos trip and on photo assignments in Mindoro and Batanes and found there is little not to like with CarrySafe 100. As a camera strap alone it is light and comfortable, especially with the new non-slip, thicker and breathable neck padding. The security features is a plus. While I really don’t believe on a fool proof anti-theft devices it does defer the incident and having one is an additional precautionary measure. Even if the main strap is slash proof, the webbing connector is not, but a running thief who has no idea wouldn’t immediately notice this especially if the neoprene sleeve conceals those parts. The detachable anchors can also be used as shoulder straps for camera cases as well with universal hook connectors. Very practical for saving spaces and traveling light.

PacSafe CarrySafe Sleeve, Strap and anchor
PacSafe CarrySafe Sleeve, Strap and anchor

Lastly I think at this point the PacSafe  CarrySafe 100 can improve on the design because frankly it looks pretty plain. I like the small PacSafe logo on the neck strap but maybe a more appealing design or add color varieties or accents like blues or oranges to the design be more eye catching. More personality like the Crumpler’s “Industry Disgrace”. But that’s just me. For it’s use and function, the PacSafe CarrySafe 100 is really worth it, especially with its cheaper price than the other straps with added security features.

PacSafe CarrySafe 100 camera strap is priced P1000 and can be bought at Bratpack, Travel Club outlets as well as ROX.


  1. i’ve been a pacsafe convert since last year. i agree with your observations though that the strap can be better with extra cushioning and a bit more styling. but overall, i’m happy with it — the more secure locking which is better than the quick release mechanism of some brands, the slash-proof cable hidden underneath. and the price is really inexpensive considering the value of the strap.

  2. True Og! It’s a real value of a strap! Can’t recommend it enough.

  3. I like mine, too, but the wires have started to poke out of the strap and scratch the hell out of my arm and neck. Seriously, it draws blood on a regular basis, so I am about ready to switch back to a less secure but less dangerous model.

  4. Hi Jeb! Since when have you been using your PacSafe strap, I wonder what are the circumstances that caused the wires to be exposed?

  5. Where can I get the Pacsafe carrysafe 100 camera strap in Victoria Australia

  6. Hi, I have been researching better straps for my Nikon and have been really interested in the pacsafe line for travel. I was on the pacsafe site comparing the carrysafe 100 (2010) model and the newer version. The site states that the older strap is longer and the newer strap is adjustable to 44.5inches. Where so I find the strap that adjusts to 60in that you mention in your review? I’d like a longer strap (than 44.5in) so I can use it across body. Suggestions?


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