Filipino Yogis and Yoginis to Follow on Instagram

Ever since I delved into yoga, I had been looking into a lot of inspiring yogis and yogini on instagram. I came across spectacular yogis like Dylan Werner, Kino Yoga, Patrick Beach and Jacob Manning to name a few. Yes, I’m quite impressed with their feat and just seeing what they can do just strives me to be better at my practice. It also made me wonder. Are there any Filipino personalities practicing yoga on instagram? The search wasn’t that hard as seasoned Filipino yogi friends gave their share of answers. It wasn’t also hard to find Filipino yogis using the hashtag #yogaph or #yogaphilippines on the instagram search. Here are some Filipino Yogis and Yoginis I had been following for a while. I think they share the same quality of inspiration as their international counterparts.

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Dispatch: On Assignment at North Sulawesi

Overlooking Manado
Overlooking The City of Manado, North Sulawesi

I just got back from North Sulawesi, a region in Indonesia I never really heard of before, until I was tasked to cover a Media Fam-Tour for a magazine. It’s a lot closer to the Philippines on a map but took ages to get there. Unfortunately, I can’t share much yet in terms of photos and details, instead of some instagram photos from my phone (you can follow me at instagram, @ironwulf) but it’s a pretty interesting place. While there, we bwere also closely monitoring what’s happening in Manila, especially with the floods caused by heavy rains. There are still places that needs help, I recommend going directly to the organizations doing hands-on work. There’s a Google Resource for Philippine Related Floods or contact any charity groups you’re helping out, in my case, there’s WorldVision Philippines.