Filipino Yogis and Yoginis to Follow on Instagram

Ever since I delved into yoga, I had been looking into a lot of inspiring yogis and yogini on instagram. I came across spectacular yogis like Dylan Werner, Kino Yoga, Patrick Beach and Jacob Manning to name a few. Yes, I’m quite impressed with their feat and just seeing what they can do just strives me to be better at my practice. It also made me wonder. Are there any Filipino personalities practicing yoga on instagram? The search wasn’t that hard as seasoned Filipino yogi friends gave their share of answers. It wasn’t also hard to find Filipino yogis using the hashtag #yogaph or #yogaphilippines on the instagram search. Here are some Filipino Yogis and Yoginis I had been following for a while. I think they share the same quality of inspiration as their international counterparts.

Chantal Umali-Mercado

Former child-actress famed from the hotdog commercial girl (“Dear Carlo”) is now a mom, ashtangi and a yoga teacher.

Richard Lo

Davao based yoga teacher is a Lululemon ambassador, handstand and arm-balance master.

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Drinie Aguilar

Always amused to see this L.A.-based single-mom yogini practicing with her daughter.

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Lester Guevara

An all-around fitness guy not only into yoga but crossfit, calisthenics and running too.

Aimee Peñeda

Really impressed by this girl’s flexibility and often beautiful backdrop to go along with it.

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An impressive feat for a self-practice ashtangi from Kuwait. I always thought that a teacher is important as guidance for the many Ashtanga series but he did manage to move up on the stages by home-practice.

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Rianna Gatus

Rianna’s one of the yoga teachers from GoBeyond studios. She definitely got graceful form in her asanas.

A photo posted by Rianna Gatus (@riannayoga) on

Enzo Montaño

I was fortunate to attend a couple of classes from Enzo himself at LIFE Yoga at BGC, and I like the dynamic energy he exudes when he teaches. Same goes for his instagram.

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These are some of the Filipino yogis and yoginis I follow on Instagram. I’m sure there are a lot more out there. If you do know other inspiring yogis feel free to share below.

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