www.noanoaisland.com is now online

Project: NoaNoa Island, A Palawan Private Island Estate

www.noanoaisland.com is now online
www.noanoaisland.com is now online

I’ve been living in Palawan for almost 3 months now. I’m currently based in El Nido, Palawan taking up a temporary job here but prior to that I worked on a very exciting project in Taytay for NoaNoa Island, a Palawan Private Island Estate that is now open for rentals and bookings. I stayed in the island for 11 days working on the design and also taking some of the photographs for the website. It’s quiet, serene and the reef surrounding the island is probably the best snorkeling I have seen. (Take a look at my Underwater Shots here).

A Palawan Private Island

The concept of a Private Island is somewhat new to me. There’s a difference between a private resort and a private island. A Private Island is when a person or a group would book the whole island for themselves alone so it’s private with no other visitors than your friends or relative. Entrepreneur Andy, has developed the island for more than 8 years and it’s really impressive what he has done with it. It’s power is self-sustaining by using solar energy, the reefs are protected by roaming guards 24/7, pathways around the island and more impressive are the eclectic designs on the structures within the island. It’s a perfect place to get out of the norms of resorts and have your own secluded paradise and do whatever you like.

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