Pandan and Tibiao Antique in PAL Mabuhay April 2012 Issue

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Pandan Article on PAL Mabuhay 2012 Issue
Pandan Article on PAL Mabuhay 2012 Issue

If you’re flying on board Philippine Airlines this April, check out the latest issue of Mabuhay Magazine April 2012. Their main feature is Palawan but I wrote a short article on Pandan and Tibiao Antique. It’s very interesting and a good alternative if you’re visiting Boracay. Pandan Antique is just 30-45minutes away from Caticlan. Check it out. In the meantime, here are the images used on the article.

Bugtong-Bato Waterfalls in Tibiao
Bugtong-Bato Waterfalls in Tibiao


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  1. I saw some Mabuhay Mags being sold in a famous bookstore, thought it’s free at PAL. I didn’t buy coz i forgot the month of your articles. About that big wok or ‘tulyasi’, it looks like you are being cooked for the cannibals! Medyo katakot kasi baka biglang lumakas ang apoy! haha!

  2. tamang-tama, will be going to Tibiao end of April via Ilo-ilo, ayos na heads-up ito bai. thanks.

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