Eagle Creek EC Lync System 22 Review: A Versatile Rolling Bag

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A multi-purpose bag is quite a commodity for a traveler. Most common are the trolley-type bags that can turn into a backpack like the old Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22 I reviewed before. Eagle Creek may have done something revolutionary this time with their patent-pending Eagle Creek EC Lync System. So imagine a rolling bag that has a detachable and collapsible frame to convert it to a backpack or duffle bag and can also be stuffed in a smaller sac for storage. The idea seems doubtful for me at first. I was thinking, collapsible? Is it durable enough for rough handling in airport check-ins? Is it easy to assemble or convert? I had the opportunity of testing the Eagle Creek EC Lync System 22 bag for more than four months now and used it for a few local and international trips already.

The bag components
The bag components

EC Lync System Assembly

The Eagle Creek EC Lync System bags come in four sizes, the 20L, 22L, 26L and 29L. The bag also have three color variants, the blue, orange and graphite. The one I got is the blue variant 22L which still fits the carry-on standard in flights. When I got the bag, it is still stuffed in its small sac and components disassembled into pieces. If you have played with lego or assembled toy models before, this would be easy. To help though, the sac has a large tag with illustrated instructions. It also helps that there’s a number label on each item for the assembly.

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