Field Test: Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22

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Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22
Using the Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22 as Backpack and Trolley Bag

A good reliable bag is an investment, that’s why I try not to scrimp out on the quality as I know most of my valuables would be packed inside. I don’t want my bag having torn shoulder straps from weight and tears from its sheets. On my recent travel to Palawan, I was able to try out Eagle Creeks’ Twist Pack 22 bag. It’s a very versatile travel bag with wheels.

The Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22
The Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22
Bag Space
Bag Space
Backpack Straps
Comfortable Backpack Straps

A Trolley Bag. The Eagle Creek Twist Pack 22 has a 49L capacity and weighs about 7lbs. It has large space much like a suitcase so I’d be careful putting things in and a nice adjustable strap to hold the stuffs inside. It’s not exactly a carry-on bag in Philippine Standards but not exactly too large either. On top you can pull out the retractable handle if you like to just wheel it out.

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  1. Would it be comfortable walking with this backpack for a few hours? Or will that much walking put too much pressure on the shoulders? And could you put a laptop in the pack?

  2. Hi Wil! I think on casual walks, it would be comfortable but I wouldn’t bring it to a hike. You can put a laptop with a sleeve inside but there is no dedicated laptop compartment.

  3. The bag has a waist strap in order to distribute the weight of the bag evenly, your shoulders won’t be feeling the bulk of the weight of the bag. Ferdz is right though, you can’t use it for hiking.

    Also, there is a version of this bag, the Twist Connect, which has a laptop compartment

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